Welcome to Zemach Zedek!

One of the longest serving Jewish congregations in Cleveland.
Home for every Jew

Rabbi Zalman Kazen OBM, Rabbi Emeritus
Rabbi Mordechai Mendelson, Rabbi
Rabbi Elly Jacobs, Assistant Rabbi

Board of Trustees:

Mr. Michoel Hoen, President
Mrs. Natasha Cohen
Mr. Yosef Y Connelly
Mr. Binyamin Hoen, Esq.
Mrs. Lois Mager

Zemach Zedek is a warm delightful Shul in the cultural center of Cleveland Heights. It is the first Nusach Ari Shul in the city, and one of the longest serving Jewish congregations in the city, after well over 100 years.
Zemach Zedek was home to the Kosher food (and clothing) bank of Cleveland, before the food bank relocated to its own location in South Euclid.
Without reservation we offer any and every Jewish religious and cultural service to any and all.
Our wide variety of affiliated programs include:
  • Daily Morning, Evening and Shabbos Minyonim
  • Weekly Kiddush Club
  • Youth Programs
  • Yom Tov Programs, Pesach Seders
  • Adult Torah Education
  • Community Outreach
  • Jewish Russian Language Programs
  • Jewish Life-Cycle Event Services
  • Memorial Services
  • Family Assistance
  • Spiritual and Personal Counseling
...and much more!
Rabbi Zalman OBM, and Rebbetzin Kazen OBM for over 50 years... The Madorsky family are the prime benefactors of Zemach Zedek, Menachem Mendel Madorsky having founded the Congregation and for whom the building is dedicated.
Rabbi Mordechai Mendelson, Emissary of The Lubavitcher Rebbe to Cleveland Heights for over 30 years, community educator and Mystical scholar, is our esteemed Rabbi. Rabbi Elly Jacobs, Mohel, Schochet, administrator of Torah Nursery, and Sofer, is our assistant Rabbi, and serves as our expert Baal Koreh.
Michael (Mickey) Hoen, a longtime pillar of our Shul, has been dutifully serving our congregation for over 30 years as the President of Zemach Zedek.

And without further due: all of our members, attenders and supporters past, present and future are the heart and soul of Zemach Zedek, making it a home that reaches beyond the limits of our location.
We look forward to welcoming you, guests and members, to our Shul, with invitation and without, with open arms, always and with joy.
May we see the revelation of Moshiach Tzidkeinu today!